Tips for cleaning aligners


Invisalign is the invisible solution to straighten your teeth, without the use of metal braces. But how does one keep these brilliant inventions clean, without damaging them? We’ll give you some tips in this article.

1. Remove aligners while eating or drinking

Removing your aligners when eating or drinking (anything other than water) is one of the easiest but often overlooked ways to keep your aligner clean and to maintain them. Eating or drinking with the aligners can easily allow food particles to come in contact with the aligners. Food and beverages can cause stains in your aligners.

2. Clean everyday 

Cleaning your aligners everyday is the best thing to maintain them. Even though it is a widespread rule to remove your aligners while eating, pieces of food stuck in your tooth could still come in contact with the aligners when you wear them again. Cleaning at least once a day, is a must to keep your aligners clean.

3. Brush your aligners

It’s important to rinse your aligners every night. Brush them gently with your toothbrush and use toothpaste to keep them fresh and clean.

4. No napkins

Little bits of napkin stuck to your Invisalign aligners? No thanks! Whenever you remove your aligners, make sure you pop them in your handy aligner case to keep them clean and napkin-free. They’re a must when you’re on the go or travelling with Invisalign aligners this summer!