We are Smmmile, a rapidly growing group of dental stores, dedicated to delivering happiness to our patients with Invisalign.

We are Apex Diamond Invisalign providers and have created over 6,000 stunning smiles.

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Our luxury, boutique practices are state-of-the-art; we invest in the latest technology to deliver the best possible journey for patients and team, and we pride ourselves on providing the ultimate patient experience: delivering the best aligners, at the best price, with the best service.

Meet Raph Pascaud

Raph Pascaud is co-founder of Smmmile and has spent the last few years working in the clear aligner industry. Together with his business partner Dr. Sandeep Kumar, one of the top providers of Invisalign in Europe, their belief in a new Invisalign approach transformed the market. Their aim is to deliver the best clear aligner treatment to people who are looking for a convenient, affordable treatment experience, but with the safety and reassurance of a dentist-led approach. And with that in mind, together they created Smmmile.

Smmmile exists to give consumers the smile they deserve, with highly experienced dentists at an affordable price. It is currently the fastest growing Invisalign provider in the UK and their expansion plans are ambitious: their aim is to open a Smmmile store on every UK city high street.