Are you not happy with the look of your smile and are you looking for an affordable way to fix some of your cosmetic problems? Composite Bonding here at Smmmile may be the answer!

Composite Bonding is a form of cosmetic dentistry used to repair minor tooth damage and to make cosmetic improvements to your smile. Your dentist applies a tooth-coloured resin to the affected tooth to correct the position, size or shape of a tooth or set of teeth. The resin is bonded with the material of your tooth and helps improve the overall aesthetics of your smile.

What can Composite Bonding fix?

The adhesive materials used on dental bonding can stick to practically any material, whether it be enamel, dentin, metal, porcelain, ceramic or zirconia, all with a single application. This ensures that your fillings last for a long time.

1. Conceal chips or cracks in your teeth.
Composite bonding can be used to replace the parts of your teeth that might have chipped off.

2. Camouflage tooth discolouration.
Tooth discolouration can be corrected if it doesn’t react to teeth whitening procedures.

3. Close gaps and spaces between your teeth.
Gaps and Spaces between teeth that might be too far apart can be compensated by tooth filling.

4. Make your teeth look longer.
We can resort to Composite Bonding to lengthen the tooth and make it level with the others.

5. Change the shape of your teeth.
By adding the resin to the teeth, their shape can be corrected in a way that the all look similar.

Does Composite Bonding hurt?

Composite bonding is a completely pain free procedure. There is no anaesthetic and drilling required, and no changes has to be done to the existing tooth structure. Your teeth just have to been polished, before gently adding on the resin material. The procedure is finished with giving that a very high grade polish at the end.